Connected Horsemanship lessons help students to understand "feel"

Bosses say “Do it”

Leaders say “Let’s do it”

When someone is asking something of their horse, it is common for us at Connected Horsemanship to often advise them to simply lay their hand on him and “feel” of him there. I will then ask them to breathe out and centre themselves.

Instead of thinking of moving him, I ask them to think of ‘feeling’ what direction he is coming from, is he pushing into them, pulling away from them, or even doing nothing at all. This time spent receiving, feeling of the horse, rather than doing, can have a profound effect.

If they experience a brace I ask them to go with it, to absorb it somewhat, rather than fight against it. This acts like a “de-fuser” letting the horse know it can trust the human to ‘lead it’ rather than ‘make it.’

It is so instinctive for us humans to fight and push against a brace and even if we manage to avoid the physical nature of this action we can still hold it in our intention.

Our intention can often be biased towards “do it” rather than “let’s do it.

The later is much preferred by the horse. It is polite. Horses love politeness.

It suggests to him that you and he are partners and that you are in it together.

Next time you are with your horse, try prefacing all your requests with the words (it need not be aloud) “Let’s go… do this, that”.

This will soften your intent, it removes the “make”.

You will be amazed at how your horse will warm to your requests.