This is my horse Winner


 Winner Six year old Trakehner gelding. Bred and started in Poland in dressage yard. You can see Winner ridden in a competition on youtube, type in “Winner trakehner 2004” 

 Winner is only just four years old in this video. You will observe that Winner is ridden quite high, is behind the vertical for much of the video and that he grinds his teeth at the end when he is brought to a halt. This level of elevation of the head and neck is not appropriate for a horse in the early stages of his training. Winner has a rather low set neck so this makes it more difficuot for him to elevate . 

Winner was then imported to Ireland by his owner a polish girl. She had owned Winner since he was one year old and had always found him to be a cheeky and mischevious colt. She was alarmed at the demeanor of her horse after a year alone in Poland. The horse she got back after his training appeared to be lazy, sullen and introverted. This girl tried to do her best by the horse but he appeared to hate being ridden. He would not go forward and grinded his teeth continuously when being ridden. She felt everything between them was a fight even although she tried not to. In the end he was ridden with spurs and these had to be applied just to do transitions from walk to trot. Sadly she decided to part with him. I saw him advertised and something drew me to him. 

winner as seen in his "for sale" add




  I went to see Winner but left without making a decision, i felt there was a lot more to the horse than i had seen that day, he  appeared introverted, disinterested in the proceedings, although not  badly behaved. His owner runs a busy stables and stud is a very competant handler and rider and would not stand for any nonsense from horses. i left undecided and in the proceeding days wondered about the horse but did nothing. i went to see lots of other horses and didnt buy any of them either. In retrospect there were horses i probably should have chosen but for whatever reason i didnt . i always think the teacher will come when the student is ready and clearly there was something i was supposed to learn and the horse to teach me it had not quite yet appeared or i was not quite ready to learn. either way the weeks went by and i remained without a horse.  

 Many weeks later i was looking again and found the  fine trakehner’s add and wondered if he had been sold. I decided if he was still unsold i would ask to take him on trial, he had remained unsold.   I brought him down to dublin, i remember when he arrived i attempted to reverse him out of the box (as i expect all horses to do) The horse refused to budge, i took me quite some time to realise that the horse had not one clue how to back up, out of a box or otherwise!! We had to open the front door to get him out.  

The trial