Here are some photos of Cindy and me working away.

There have been some interesting moments. Cindy did not take kindly to be asked to move on ahead of me on the lunge. She did a great deal of posturing, pinning her ears repeatedly, swirling her head and generally try to tell me where to get off. She’ s a gas ticket and i can now see why her two young male owners had a bit of bother with her, this mare has attitude and she will test your patience and your persistence. But its nice attitude, enough to be interesting, as we say she has a bit about her!

Cindy working on the lunge, low and low, her throughness is not yet consistent but coming. The low and low posture pictured in the photos is necessary to stretch her shortened topline, and free up her shoulders allowing her to come through from behind.

Cindy lunging to the right , note the soft lateral bend in her body, her relaxed posture and her inside hind well engaded well under her body.

Cindy braces

Cindy lunging to the left which is harder for her.

work in hand

Next week ,Cindy working in hand, the objective here is to help Cindy to stop bracing into the bridle and going above the bit when she feels pressure of bit or pressure from my inside leg, either way her response is to invert and go above the bit, however once this is contained she then sucks back from the bit going behind and chomping like mad.

Horses evade pressure generally in three ways, they either go above the contact , bear down on the contact (lean), or they go behind.

Going behind of the three is probably the most challenging to fix especially with a sensitive horse like Cindy, she has to learn to trust the hand again and i have to be good enough to supply that hand.